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Daarom wordt het afgeraden om een merle met een sable te combineren. De merle x merle combinatie zorgt vaak voor hele witte pups, die veel gezondheidsproblemen kunnen hebben. Sable border collies hebben een andere structuur qua vacht. Bij alle andere aftekeningen worden de kleuren verspreid over de gehele vacht en heeft iedere haar 1 kleur Merle kleurige honden hebben dikwijls vleeskleurige vlekken op de neus. De benaming van de verschillende kleuren kan variëren per land of per streek. Zo wordt de bruine hond in Engels sprekende landen dikwijls nog opgedeeld in red en chocolate en zodoende ook de merle varianten, naarmate hoe diep de kleur is Sable merles are easier as you can usually tell that a sable is merle at birth, with ee reds it is virtually impossible. It is therefore important that all sable merles are catalogued at birth and all ee reds are tested for merle using a genetic testing site and the recorded. Extreme White Spotting/Piebald High white dogs can be prone to deafness

Sable Border Collies usually have a tan base coat with black tippings. The lightness or darkness of their fur depends on the combination of these two colors, but often they do not appear very dark. They may also have white markings, as shown in the picture above. Sable Merle Border Collie The Border Collie breed is one-of-a-kind. Throw in a mesmerizing color pattern on an incredibly intelligent and hardworking canine, and the combination is simply remarkable! If you're interested in getting this dog in a rare merle coat, we're here to help you understand facts on whether a blue merle Border Collie is different from Borders with traditional colors Border Collie: Bleu merle, red merle en sable-merle. Chihuahua: Bleu merle, red merle en sable-merle. Dachshund: Tijger of zilvertijger, chocolade tijger en rode tijger. Pyrenean Shepherd: Harlekijn (blauw zwart gevlekt) Pomeranian: Blue merle. Beauceron: Arlequin (blauw gevlekt met roestbruine aftekeningen) Deel dit artikel Border collie Oorsprong: Verenigd Koninkrijk: bruin, crème, blauw, lilac en sable. Binnen die kleuren kunnen ook merles en tricolours bestaan. Er zijn ook speciale gevallen zoals mottled, extreme white, split behalve bij de blue merles, waar een of beide ogen geheel of gedeeltelijk blauw mogen zijn. De uitdrukking moet. Red merle.border collie: Zeer zeldzaam. Het zelfde effect als bij de blue merle alleen dan zijn ze chocolate/ white. Sable/white border collie: Deze kleur lijkt een beetje op de rood/witte maar is vaak wat lichter van kleur met wel of geen donkere punten aan de uiteinden van de haren

For blue merles, the Border Collie will have a white/gray-ish base colored coat with black/blue-ish patches and spots. Not only will this gene affect the coat color, but also the nose and eyes. For example, blue merle Border Collies tend to have pink noses and bright-colored eyes (such as bright blue) Border collie blue merle driekleur dekreu met blauwe ogen ter dekking aangeboden. 3 Jaar. Cursus schapendrijven gevolgd. Enthousia. € 200,00 24 jan. '21. Zuidermeer 24 jan. '21. F. Spil Zuidermeer. 3 goedgekeurde & geteste Border Collie dekreuen met stamboom

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Border collie blue merle dekreu. Border collie blue merle driekleur dekreu met blauwe ogen ter dekking aangeboden. 3 Jaar. Cursus schapendrijven gevolgd. Enthousia. € 200,00 24 jan. '21. Zuidermeer 24 jan. '21. F. Spil Zuidermeer. 3 goedgekeurde & geteste Border Collie dekreuen met stamboom Border Collie pups te koop aangeboden op Puppyplaats.nl, Puppyplaats is de plaats voor het vinden en aanbieden van leuke Border Collie pups! Bekijk snel ons enorme aanbod Border Collie pups The Blue Merle Border Collies provided by Rising Sun Farm are world class dogs that have gained international recognition for their performance. Call now 612-270-6890 In dit artikel ontdek wat de meest en minder voorkomende vachtkleuren van de Border Collie zijn. Black/White De black/white is meest voorkomende en traditionele vachtkleur bij een Border Collie. Men denk vaak, dat deze kleur de voorkeur genoot bij herders en boeren omdat zwart met witte honden goed op afstand te zien zijn. Een anderLees verder

Blue merle Border Collies vs. Australian Shepherds. People tend to confuse blue merle Border Collies (or border collies in general) with Australian Shepherds because they are both herding dogs and their physical differences are few and far between. Here are quick tips to help you differentiate between the two breeds There are blue merle, red merle, black & white, sable, Nightshades Border Collies specializes in intelligent, eager to please, and loving border collies. For those who are looking for more than a family companion, we have puppies that are suited for a variety of purposes Border Collie Puppies For Sale From J-Tail Border Collies Bettering The Breed One Litter At A Time abca & akc border collie puppies for sale in Red and white , chocolate , red and blue merle, sable , brindle , gold and black and white , information , breeding, activities, training of narvon pa eastern pennslyvani Een Border Collie blue merle kan ook nog tricolor zijn. In dit geval zijn er bruine aftekeningen te zien boven de ogen, in de flanken en op de wangen van de hond. De Border Collie lilac kan daarentegen wel tricolor zijn, maar dit is vrij zeldzaam en lastig met het blote oog waarneembaar Explore 57 listings for Blue merle border collie puppies for sale at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at £50. Check it out

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  1. Sable and White Border Collie littermates Bryn, Ginny and Merlin. Cat Paws Dog Cat. Cute Puppies. Dogs And Puppies. Doggies. Animal Magazines. Puppy Care Beautiful Dogs Pets. White Border Collie. Border Collies. Clever Dog Herding Dogs. Blue Merle. Amazing Dogs. 7 Months. Cat Paws Merlin. Sable and White Border Collie boy - Merlin at 7 months.
  2. Find sable Border Collie puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site
  3. Sables are relatively rare in the breed and again, the tricolour and merle gene cannot be fully expressed on the clear sable coat colour so as with the ee reds it is not really wise to mate a sable with a merle as you may produce phantom merles
  4. Border collie X blue Merle puppies for sale. 5 dogs and 2 bitches in the litter.Will be ready to leave mum at 01.03.2021. Both parents are working dogs and..
  5. The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region, for herding livestock, especially sheep.. Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs
  6. Find the best Kennel Club Registered Pedigree Border Collie Puppies near Yeovil, Somerset at Champdogs - The pedigree dog breeders website
  7. Border collies continue to be employed in their traditional work of herding livestock throughout the world and are kept as pets. Border collies have a highly developed sense of smell and with their high drive make excellent and easily motivated tracking dogs for Tracking trials. We hope that you like the collection of Border collie names for dogs

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  1. De meeste mensen kennen de Border Collie als een zwart-witte hond met een korte tot enigszins lange vacht. De Border Collie kent echter verschillende kleuren zoals bruin-wit, driekleurig, blauwgrijs en blue merle. Volgens de rassenstandaard mag het wit in de vacht niet overheersen. De schofthoogte is bij de reu zo'n 53 centimeter
  2. General Border Collie Talk > Blue / Slate Merles. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 13 posts Then slate merle is merle pattern on a blue and white. Patchy will be the new merle Sable can stay and tricolour still makes sense Hmm.. Might be more confusing :p. redborder. 176. Graduate
  3. Feel the Force Border Collies: Email: 316-619-2887. Sam AKC/ABCA chocolate saddle back sable. A gorgeous chocolate saddleback with a very sweet disposition. He loves people and he is great with everyone! Gives to kisses to us and his friends. AKC blue merle. A gorgeous blue merle boy with blue eyes
  4. LILAC BORDER COLLIES. or a sable and have chocolate-, blue-, or lilac-tipped hairs (that wouldn't be too noticeable on a lightly shaded sable); She may be a lilac merle or just a red merle. The jury is out. Her sire is Platinum, a blue and white Border Collie

- merle met merle (misschien dat ze dat met gekleurd bedoelden). Merle moet je altijd met een solide gekleurde border combineren. Bijv. zwart wit, bruin wit, blauw wit, lilac wit, (in combinatie met driekleur mag wel). De combinatie merle merle zorgt voor veel gezondheidsproblemen - sable met merle Sable Merle Sable Merle & White Seal Seal & White Slate Slate & White Slate Merle Vanaf 1 januari 2013 registreerde de Kennel Club geen puppy's meer die waren gefokt van merle naar merle Border Collies vanwege het hogere risico dat honden worden geboren met slechthorendheid en slechtziendheid die vaak wordt geassocieerd met het merle-gen RESERVED Sable-merle female D.o.b: 01.12. 2020 Parents: Olaf Van't Vlassenhout Olaf X Juggling With Wendigo's Flame of Foresrtry Farm Vatr Seal merle Border Collie. As with the rest of the merle coat Border Collies, the presence of the dominant allele M causes an irregular color dilution to appear. Specifically, it causes 3 colors to appear. In this case, the Border Collie colors that we see are tan, seal and white presenting in the merle pattern

Border Collie information including personality, history, in dogs other than merle, are acceptable but not preferred. Eye rims should be fully Sable Merle: Check Mark For Standard Color: 166 Find Border Collies for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood Rainshade Collies have traveled to join families in almost every state in the United States. They have been exported to families in several countries, spanning four continents. Wherever they go, Rainshade Collies enrich the lives of their people with years of love, laughter, entertainment, and close companionship We have for sale our litter of gorgeous border collie puppies. **ONE BLACK WHITE AND TAN BITCH PUPPY LEFT ** she is the puppy in the advert profile picture. Please message for more photos of her. She is a cracking little character and will make a beautiful addition to any family. Viewings very welcome. 1 blue Merle girl 1 blue Merle bo

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Border Collies worden gemiddeld twaalf tot veertien jaar oud. Uiterlijk. De Border Collie is een atletisch gebouwde hond met een korte of matig lange vacht. De meeste Border Collies zijn zwart met wit, maar er zijn ook andere kleuren mogelijk zoals wit met bruin of blauwgrijs, driekleurig of blue merle (zwarte vlekken op een grijsblauwe. Healthy Border Collie puppies The Woodland family farm has puppies not only in traditional black/white and tri but also blue merle, shaded sable, sable merle, lilac, lilac merle, blue, slate blue merle, chocolate, chocolate merle, chocolate sable, and brindle Border Collies: Background. Border Collies mostly descend from breeders in Scotland and thrived in the region on the border of Scotland and England. Border Collies are usually identified by a Black, White, Blue, Blue Merle, Lilac, Brindle, Red Merle, Chocolate, Liver, Sable Merle, Gold, Red coat and the Red-White is considered difficult to find Purposefully bred Border Collie breeder in Yoder, Colorado, near Colorado Springs and Denver. Puppies raised for herding, agility, conformation, S6 Blue Merle Male- Medium energy, very happy and silly, enjoys attention and toys. S4 Blue Merle Male. S4 Blue Merle Male. S4 Blue Merle Male. S6 Blue Merle Male Mooie border collie pups bruin en bleu merle ouders aanwezig. We hebben leuke en hele lieve border collie pupjes bij ons geboren op de boerderij. De ouders zijn onze honden en werken mee bij d. € 1.600,00 3 feb. '21. Peer 3 feb. '21. Clijsters Peer. Border collie pups

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Compare Border Collie and Labrador Retriever and {name3}. Which is better: Border Collie or Labrador Retriever. 0 & White Tricolor Tan Blue merle Blue merle-tricolor Slate merle Red merle Black Brindle Gold Lilac Red Sable Sable Merle Saddleback Sable White & Blue White & Blue Merle White & Red White & Red Merle White Ticked Seal Slate. Mouthiness: Border Collies have a strong tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Tolerates Being Left Alone: Border Collies tend to have separation anxiety when their owners left them alone at home because they bond very closely with them. Office Friendly: Border Collie is not the best dog breed for office environment These border collie puppies are looking for their forever homes! They are 5 weeks old and will be ready to go home Feb 13th. There are 4 males and 6 females. Mom and dad are our loyal herding dogs at our sheep farm. Both very friendly and well mannered. These border collie puppies are keen to please and will be a fun and loyal companion Blue merle = grijs met wit Laat in boek zien Red merle = bruin met rood en wit Laat zien in boek Je hebt natuurlijk ook aftekeningen die anders zijn dan de bekendere tekeningen zoals: White face = meer wit op het hoofd Extreem wit = een border collie die bijna helemaal wit is maar dat met een paar plekke zwart. Laat in het boek zie Blue Merle Border Collies. Merle is a visible genetic pattern that affects the base colour of a Collie's coat. Often referred to as the bleach gene, Merle breeds exhibit a combination of darker and lighter patches and speckling on the coat. Blue Merle Border Collies have slightly blue or slate tinted appearance, generally with black splotches

Wyndlair Collies offer healthy Collie Puppies for sale in all coat colors, including Blue Merle, White, Sable, Sable Merle & Tri-Color. We focus on producing puppy prospects capable of excelling in conformation (show), obedience, agility, tracking, versatility & working dogs Both the rough coat and the smooth coat come in a variety of colors and patterns including, Black, White, Blue, Red Merle, Brindle, Lilac, Chocolate, Liver, Blue Merle, Sable, Sable Merle, Red, Gold. Border Collies have a life span ranging from 10 -17 years, a male can weigh between 30- 45lbs and females weighing between 27 -42lbs Wij hebben een mooi nestje border collie pups die op zoek zijn naar een nieuwe thuis. Reutjes en teefjes. De pups mogen vanaf 12/2/2021 het nest verlaten. Je kan al langskomen om de pups te bekijke

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Some border collies may also have single-color coats. Eye color varies from brown to blue, and occasionally eyes of differing color occur; this is usually seen with merles. The ears of the border collie are also variable — some have fully erect ears, some fully dropped ears, and others semi-erect ears (similar to those of the rough collie) Australian blue merle border collie $1,500 Asking price. Quick view West Coast Closing on Wednesday, 10 Feb. Border Collie x Beardie, working dog / pet $1,500 Asking price. Quick view Canterbury Closing on Thursday, 11 Feb. Purebred.

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Tri Cities Border Collies is located in Northeast Tennessee near Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City. Our clients come mostly from Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina, but we have placed pups all across the United States A couple of great web pages for images of actual collies with particular coat colors are Collie Colors and Looks and Diversity in the Border Collie. OK, so there's all the information necessary to solve the puzzle. Let's look at each piece in turn. Male: The male is a very nice mahogany sable [(kk)(A. y. a. t)], like this rough collie Wij - het team/bestuur van Stichting Collie en Co in Nood heten jullie hartelijk welkom hier..waar je niet alleen Collies en Shelties vindt maar ook andere dieren die een nieuw thuis zoeken. Wij hebben onze stichting (opgericht op 06.12.2002) als eerbetoon. Mooie border collie pups bruin en bleu merle ouders aanwezig. We hebben leuke en hele lieve border collie pupjes bij ons geboren op de boerderij. De ouders zijn onze honden en werken mee bij d. € 1.600,00 3 feb. '21. Peer 3 feb. '21. Clijsters Peer. Dekreu Border Collie Please be patient as I respond to everyone's messages. ** We have 9 CBCA registered (purebred) border collie puppies available in 5 colours from 2 different, healthy litters. The colours that we have available are: extremely rare sable, unique blue merle and red tri-colour, and the more traditional black-and-white and black tri-colour

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Dog Group: Herding Size: 20-21 inches tall, 25-45 lbs Lifespan: 10-16 years Energy Level: Very High Coat: Medium-long and dense Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. History: The Border Collie originated in the United Kingdom in the 1800s for use as a herding dog and guard dog, along with a variety of other sheep herding dogs.Over time, certain kinds of these sheepdogs became preferable over. Sable and white is an accepted, but not a standard, breed coat color for the Border Collie. It is far less common than the prevalent black and white, and is distinguished from the second most common coat color of red or brown and white by the technicality of the banding of the hairs De Collie zal ook de kippen van je buren, de buurtkinderen en andere honden en katten hoeden . Kleuren voor beide rassen zijn sable en wit, wit, driekleurig en blue merle. De witte Collie heeft nog steeds een sable en witte kop, maar het lichaam is bijna volledig wit. Ruwe Collies zijn geen goede keuze voor iemand die allergisch is voor honden Merle border collie cross red husky. This advert is located in and around Hetton Le Hole, Tyne And Wear. Very rare exceptional mix!!!! merle collie X husky puppies 3 girls 3 boys Both mam and dad are our family pets and can be seen on viewing. We have a Blue merle boy, a red merle boy and girl, a solid..

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The Border Collie is a herding breed of dog that not only works with animals that can kick and injure them easily, but they may come in contact with predators that want to eat the animals the Border Collie is herding. Most likely, the linage of Border Collie's that have the longer neck fur is from breeders whom have kept that in their linage Arajoel Border Collies are well known for our diverse range of coat colours. Including the (potentially) world first lilac-tri Bingo is believed to be a world first registered with the N.K.C. he can produce 9 different colours, carrying all the colour genes except for the merle, those being Alfenloch Collies presents beautiful home-raised Sable & White, Sable Merle, Tricolor and Blue Merle Rough Collie puppies from our home to yours for the year 2020. All of our puppies are vaccinated, vet inspected, tattooed, wormed and eye checked by 8 weeks of age, when they are available to their forever homes Border collie vachtkleuren kruisen. Hoihoi,Sinds 3 jaar hebben wij een Sable Merle border collie reu en hebben nu een optie op een Red Tri border collie teefje.Nu leek het ons leuk om missch

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Website van een kweker van Border Collies. Informatie over de kweker en een overzicht met puppy's, foto's, video's Along with black-and-white, tricolor (black, white and tan) is the most common Border Collie color.Tricolor dogs also come in every other color (red, blue, lilac, merle, etc.) as long as there is also white and tan. Tricolor is sometimes called tanpoint, indicating tan eyespots, tan cheek spots, and tan on the legs 17-mei-2020 - Bekijk het bord Border collie blue merle van Sanne Elsendoorn op Pinterest. Bekijk meer ideeën over honden, dieren, australische herder

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