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The MG 131 (shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 131, or Machine gun 131) was a German 13 mm caliber machine gun developed in 1938 by Rheinmetall-Borsig and produced from 1940 to 1945. The MG 131 was designed for use at fixed, flexible or turreted, single or twin mountings in Luftwaffe aircraft during World War II.. It was one of the smallest, if not the smallest among the heavy machine. Standard machine gun of World War I. Saw limited use in World War II. MG 15: Rheinmetall: 7.92×57mm Mauser: Luftwaffe Wehrmacht: The MG 15 was at the beginning of the war mainly used on aircraft of the Luftwaffe. After being replaced by other machine guns many MG 15s were modified for use by ground forces. Maschinengewehr 30: Steyr-Daimler.

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26 heavy machine guns, 85 light machine guns MG34, 18 8.1-cm grenade launchers, 27 5-cm grenade launchers, 12 3.7cm PAK 36 anti-tank guns, German uniforms of WW2. Germany Army Unit Organisation 1939-41. Germany Army Unit Organisation 1942-45. Hungarian Armed Forces 1942. Italian Air Force and Navy The following was the organization of the Schwere Kompanie eines Infanteriebataillons (n.A.), or Heavy Company of the Infantry Battalion (New Type), the German Army's heavy weapons companies, from May 1944 to the end of World War II.The Heavy Company supplanted the Machine Gun Companies as the Infantry Battalions' integral fire support formation The treaty also banned heavy weapons, armored vehicles and any aircraft as well as new machine guns. Despite the ban, the Germans began to develop a new generation of small arms - and that.

There are a total of [ 56 ] WW2 German Artillery entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). 150mm Towed Heavy Field Gun. 5. 1938. 15cm Kanone 18 (15cm K18) 150mm Heavy Field Gun. 6. 1939. 15cm Kanone 39 (15cm K39) 150mm Heavy Gun. 7. 1941 German soldier preparing to fire a Panzerwerfer 42 . 15cm Panzerwerfer 42, March 1944 . 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahrlafette Sd.Kfz.4 1 winter Sturmgeschutz III Assault Gun. The most successful German self-propelled gun of the war, 7,893 Sturgmeschutz III's (StuG IIIs) were produced and fought across Europe German soldiers with an MG 34 in France. The Maschinengewehr 34 was one of the weapons that gave the infantry of Nazi Germany such a heavy punch. One of the most reliable and well-crafted full machine guns of World War II, the MG34 was unmatched in rate of fire, which could reach 900 rounds per minute, and could be carried by one man

Naval Guns of Germany. Background Information. Germany - Ammunition, Guns and Mountings Definitions. German Fuzes of World War II. German Army and Navy Fuze listing and description. Modern Weapons. 1980 to Present. 127 mm/64 LW (Italy) F125 Class. 127 mm/54 Mark 42 (USA Title reads: Heavy Machine Guns in Action.Location of events unknown.Machine Gun Battalion of North Country Regiment on mass exercise on moorland.L/S of a. ~ Medium German weapons of WWII: heavy machine guns, mortars, light anti-tank : Ckm wz.30. MG 34 : MG 42 : MG 08 HMG: Panzerschreck: Granatwerfer Mortar ~ Heavy German weapons of WWII: artillery, rockets, missiles : 88mm gun: V-2 rocket ^To

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This Austro-Hungarian heavy machine-gun was not as impressive as its British and German counterparts. Water-cooled and powered by a delayed blowback mechanism, it was an adequate weapon. However, its muzzle velocity was lower than that of the leading guns, and it had a rate of fire of only 400 rounds per minute German infantry advance through a Russian corn field, summer 1942. The Caucasus is visible in the background and the machine gunner in the foreground, carrying the MG34, is protected by his assistant gunner carrying a MP38. The support weapons of the infantry regiment included 24 heavy machine guns, 107 light machine guns, 334 sub-machine guns German fighter armament options ranged from rifle-calibre light machine guns, to 30mm cannon, mostly configured as mixed arrays of cowl and wing mounted weapons. (Larger 37mm & 50mm guns were used for tank-busting and other ground attack roles.) By contrast, Allied forces were fond of homogeneous wing mounted arrays

The Germans complained that the Hungarians were reluctant to engage the enemy, and added that the army was understrength and poorly equipped. The Hungarians, for their part, repeatedly begged the Germans to provide them with modern anti-tank weapons to supplement their obsolete 20mm and 37mm PAK36 guns, which were useless against T-34 tanks In early 1937, Krupp met with Hitler and presented him with the design for the 33.5 in (80 cm) railway gun. Hitler approved of what he saw, and the German Army High Command (Oberkommando des Heeres) commissioned Krupp to build three guns under the designation 80 cm Kanone (E).However, the guns quickly became known as Schwerer Gustav (Heavy Gustav), named after Gustav Krupp

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Yes, they did have 13mm and 15mm heavy machine guns, such as the MG 131 and the MG 151/15 (the latter is considered as a cannon in their military parlance, however the 15mm version is considered as a heavy machine gun by the rest of the world). Th.. The Luftwaffe used the MG 131 machine gun on aircraft, in fixed, flexible and turret mounts, from 1940 to 1945. Because it used electrically fired ammunition (13x64mmB), the MG 131 was unsuitable for use as a ground gun. MG 131 machine gun - Wikip.. During World War II, American G.I.s called the German MG42 machine gun Hitler's buzz saw because of the way it cut down troops in swaths. The Soviet Red Army called it the linoleum. The first versions lacked a machine gun for self-defense. One Ferdinand of the 653 Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion traded with Soviets at Kursk and counted for 320 armored vehicle hits for the loss of just over a dozen Ferdinands. Like the Jagdtiger and the Nashorn, these guns were very heavy and plagued with mechanical problems

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WW2 German Assault Guns: German StuG III Ausf.G Assault Gun (Enemy & Friendly) German StuH 42 Assault Gun (Enemy & Friendly) WW2 German Infantry: German 7.92mm MG 42 Heavy Machine Gun (Enemy & Friendly) German Heer Sniper Infantry (Enemy & Friendly) Stat... WW2 Weapons Cheap Figurines & Miniatures, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:1: 6 WWII German Metal MG36 Eugen Qin Division Heavy Machine Gun Complete Set Made in Czech Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return The Maschinengewehr 34, or MG34, was a German machine gun first issued in 1934, considered by many to be the first modern general-purpose machine gun. MG34 was used as the primary infantry machine gun during the WW2. It was intended that it would be replaced in infantry service by the related MG42 No gun rental or range fees! Historic and rare anti-tank guns, artillery and machine guns. American weapons, Russian weapons and German weapons MG42, German general-purpose machine gun, used as a standard weapon by many armies around the world.. The MG42 was designed in Germany in 1938, and it was placed in action on all fronts by mid-1942. Its original calibre was 7.92 mm, but when West Germany entered the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the weapon's bore was modified to fire the NATO standard rifle and machine-gun.

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  1. Tamiya America, Inc 1/35 German Machine Gun Troops, TAM35038 Product information Product Dimensions 10.3 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches Item Weight 4.2 ounces ASIN B00061HJ70 Item model number 35038 Manufacturer recommended age 14 years and up Best Sellers Ran
  2. Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. These are all the contents for playing ALL of the available WW2 missions made by Panzer Elite, Obersoldaten and Fallschirm-Infanterie. But most importantly, it is for you all who wants it EASY and d
  3. Machine Guns (M1919A4/6, M1918A2) From the onset of the airborne, the belt-fed M1919 Browning medium machine gun was authorized 1 per rifle squad. This differed from the standard infantry rifle company at the time, which placed its M1919A4s at the company level in a dedicated weapons platoon that also included mortars
  4. ent and Exciting Machine Guns. There you have it, collector friends: the Top 10 Machine Guns ever sold by Rock Island Auction Company. We'll be sure to update this list from time to time and we shouldn't have to wait long. Rising values in this genre almost assure a new crop of machine guns to stake their own claim to this list

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  1. The US Army placed its support weapons at the company and battalion levels, with each rifle company having a platoon of two light machine guns (the M1919 - which gave more support than a BAR, but was much heavier and more cumbersome), three bazookas (which were 2.36-inch rocket launchers) and three 60mm mortars; sometimes a heavy machine gun (of .50 calibre) was thrown into the mix, usually as.
  2. In 1940 the standard infantry weapons found in a British company would be the Enfield revolvers, Lee-Enfield rifles, Bren guns and 2in mortars. Sub machine guns like the Sten would not be issued until mid-1941. Heavier support weapons like the Vickers machine guns and 3in mortars were kept at battalion level
  3. gham Proof House, no license required as long as you are over 18
  4. Valiant German Paratroop Heavy Weapons . Mars German Paratroopers (Winter Uniform) Germany - Mountain Troops. Airfix German Mountain Troops HaT WW2 British Machine Guns . HaT WW2 British Tank Riders . Italeri British Infantry . Matchbox.

Armed with a 45 mm (1.77 in) gun and three machine-guns, with one mounted in small turret on top of the main one, it was essentially an enlarged T-18 (18.5 tons), with a slightly reworked suspension. Although the project was dropped in 1931, the suspension was kept for the highly successful Komintern artillery tractor (2000 built) and Voroshilovets heavy artillery tractor (230) For example, during just one day in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme the British lost 21,000 men - many of them killed by Spandau machine guns, the German version of the Maxim. But the Maxim was.

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Mar 13, 2019 - This is a nice reproduction of an original WWII photograph showing captured German and Axis rifles in the Tunisian desert in 1943. Size of photo is about 4 x 6. Captured German Rifles. Tunisia 1943 Adopting the Machine Gun: Germany's History with the Vickers Gun. It was not until 1887 that the machine gun made its way to the German Army and with its mass capacity and devastating blow, it wasn't any wonder that the Germans wanted to produce the gun in their own right as quickly and effectively as possible at a Spandau arsenal

Few American weapons are quite so legendary as the powerful M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun, or Ma Deuce, still widely employed a century after its initial development in 1918 Aug 27, 2020 - The essential element for war waging at the time of Barbarossa was the infantry soldier: a uniformed young man armed with a rifle. Roughly 87% of the German divisional groupings earmarked for the invasion on 22 June 1941 were infantry formations, including a small proportion of motorized-infantry, mountain, Jäger, and security divisions History. The Chauchat rifle machine gun, hastily developed under the pressure of the events of the First World War, gave way around 1925 to the new FM MAC 1924 which fired the brand new 7.5mm 1924C (7.5x58mm) cartridge. After a series of accidents with reused captured German weapons during training, chambering the 7.92x57, too close to the new ammunition, the MAC 1924 was adapted in 1929 to. This soldier figure comes with a brodie helmet, heavy machine gun with tripod stand and is individually packaged making it an ideal gift for collectors. Shop for LEGO guns and custom minifigs, buy LEGO military parts, WW2 Army Soldiers, SWAT Teams, Modern Military figures, Army, World War and SWAT gear, WW2 minifig guns, weapons, body armour, helmets for sale for your LEGO army men

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Find all the machine gun parts, parts kits, and accessories you need at APEX Gun Parts! All of our parts are authentic military surplus parts that will work great with your firearm. Find everything for RPK, Madsen, RPD, DPM, M249, UK59, MG42, MG34, M240, Uzi, H&K, Sten, Sterling, Mp5, MP-38, MP-40, and so much more Jan 11, 2018 - Post with 20564 views. Overkill. 17 captured MG-34, used at anti-aircraft gun by the Red Army. Date unknown [762x522

The German high command wanted front-line troops to have more machine guns. That meant a weapon designed to deliver a high rate of fire like the MG34, but which was cheaper and quicker to produce Heavy guns and howitzers were kept a corps level. The Germans also developed a series of rocket launchers. Known as Nebelwerfers these fired a range of projectiles with calibres of 150mm, 210mm 280mm and 300mm. German anti-tank guns grew from the light 37mm PaK 36 to the useful 50mm PaK 38 and eventually the excellent 75mm PaK 40 REVEALED: Hitler's mind-blowing super-gun which could have won the war for Germany A MASSIVE German super-weapon capable of levelling the south-east of England from northern France could have.

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Aug 4, 2020 - German WW2 machine gun bunker With a secret. More information Find this Pin and more on Doomsday preppers: Go inside an underground bunker by Traffic Exchange The heavy squadron had a heavy mavhine gun section with four machine guns, a mortar section with six heavy mortars, and a section of 105mm light guns. Lt. von Boeslager von Boeslager commanded the cavalry squadron of the reconnaissance section of the 6th Infantry Division that led the spearhead over the Seine River during the Holland Operation

The German Heavy Gustav was the largest gun ever built. It was more than 150 feet long, 40 feet tall and weighed almost 1,500 tons. The steel giant Krupp A.G. made only two, and neither worked well Heavy maschine gun position of Franz Gockel 1 50mm AT-gun of 916 Gren Reg was on the upper part of WN62 facing down E-3 draw. It knocked out on Sherman tank and was not visible from the sea side

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WW2 German MP40 machine gun - blowback model - NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Full automatic Marushin MP40 blow back model gun which uses the Plug Fire Cartridge system. Brand new boxed. Pre- built and `tuned in` to fire as seen in videos above / louder and very consistent firing unlike in standard unmodified form What German weapon was the greatest heavy machine gun of WW2? It was known for accuracy, rate of fire, and damage, and commonly known as Hitler's Buzzsaw. MG-4 WW2 German Contract Rifles and Beutewaffen used from 1871 to 1945; Small Bore Training Rifles and Conversion Kits 1920-1945; Optics and Mauser Sniper Rifles; Bayonets and Accessories; Related Discussion Forums. WW2 German Militaria; WW2 German Documents; WW2 G41/G-K43 Forum; WW2 Axis Handguns and Accessories; WW2 German Machine Guns; WW2 Semi.

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The DShK became the standard heavy machine gun of the Red Army during World War 2. After the initial rush of German forces into the Soviet Union beginning in June of 1941 (through Operation Barbarossa), the Soviet Army lost much men and equipment during the ensuing confusion and subsequent fighting The MG42, with minor modifications, is still the primary heavy machine gun of the modern German army, now called the MG3. A number of other armies around the world have adopted versions of the original, and guns looking similar, or identical, to the MG42 remain in widespread service today. The US Army's M-60 is based upon the MG42

In the role as a heavy machine gun it used a newly developed Lafette-42 tripod with the ZF-40 optics, this all weighed in at some 30 kg, but gave the operator accurate fire over 2miles. The barrel was lighter than the MG34s and wore out more quickly, but could be replaced in seconds by an experienced gunner who was usually issued two or three spare barrels in special containers slung across. MG 42 machine gun history. Created in 1942 (hence its name) by the German firm Johannes Grossfuss AG, this heavy machine-gun must succeed the MG 34.The MG 42 has the fastest firing rate of all the machine guns of the Second World War with 1,800 rounds/min for some versions).. It is requested by the German military authorities to reduce the time and cost of production of the MG 34 machine guns Yes its was heavy & big but also british said themselfs that spotting an 88 in desert or anywhere else for that matter simply because of its effective range was like spotting needle in haystack.thats why 88 wreck havoc on enemy tanks/infantry everywere it was used..allied had some good maybe even better aa guns but no side had like germans did multirole gun or as my friend said it.

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In the German heavy machine gun (HMG) platoons, each platoon served four MG 34/MG 42 machine guns, used in the sustained fire mode mounted on tripods. In 1944 this was altered to six machine guns in three sections with two seven-man heavy machine gun squads per section as follows: Squad leader (NCO) MP40. Machine gunner (private) MG 34/MG 42. Browse Machine Guns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK's #1 gun marketplace. WW2 Czech Made ZB-37 Deactivated Heavy Machine Gun with its Tripod None Machine Guns. (German MP40) 7.62mm Calibre Sub Machine Gun Folding Stock & Sling Machine Guns. Category Deactivated

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MG 08 - Heavy water-cooled machine gun MG 34 - General-purpose air-cooled machine gun MG 42 - General-purpose air-cooled machine gun MP 28 - Submachine gun US intelligence on the 88mm gun . Setup procedure for German WW2 8.8cm flak. United States Tank Destroyers 57mm Anti-Tank Gun Model M-1 German Artiller The German army's heavy fieldpiece was the 21 cm Morser 18 howitzer. Its 250-pound projectiles were 8.27 inches in diameter—the size of a heavy cruiser's main battery—with a maximum range of 18,300 yards U.S. Machine Guns and part sets that are totally inert and non-firing from WWII and WWI for sale at international military antiques

German Fahrgestellnummer 84428, date in service 9th March 1950, Tactical unit number 1918, army registration number 79.670 Germans Tanks of ww2. German Self-Propelled Artillery Guns of the Second World War . By Craig Moore. One towed artillery gun required a team of six horses and nine men Germany wasted no time in catching up in the gun-armor race and was soon to have developed some of the best armored fighting vehicles of world war 2. Going back further, German heavy tank development can be traced back to 1937 with the German Armaments Ministry issuing a specification for a new heavy tank to Daimler-Benz, Henschel, MAN and Porsche I don't know anything about the German sub machine guns, but I am somewhat familiar with the M3A1 Cal.45 Grease Gun. We had several in the unit while I was the Armorer. The weapons were assigned to the M578 Recovery Vehicle operators. They did not seem to shoot real fast. They were simple to fire, clean and maintain

German German Submachine Guns (MP 40) Combat! used authentic German machine-pistols (MP-40, the ones with wooden buttstocks are MP-38s). These weapons are slung from shoulder, have a short hand grip, and no stock. Eric Braeden carries one in The Hostages, as does the German sergeant in Odyssey. The weapon. Manual, Technical, Machine Gun Mounts for Trucks US Military Technical Manual. Machine Gun Mounts for Trucks. Dated April, 22, 1943. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 48 Pages. US GI, Reprint, New. $19.95, US, Plus Shipping. Click on image to enlarge M2/M3-DIAL-BUSHING: Azimuth Ring, Brass, with Bushing. M2 and M3 Tripod Dial Set, with Hardware and Bushing World War Two Weapons American Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns of WW2. By Stephen Sherman, Dec. 2008.Updated March 22, 2012. D espite the global depression, the development of weaponry continued rapidly in the 1930s. The tank, for example, continued to improve markedly with the appearance of the low profile hull, the revolving turret, better gunsights, and improved tracks and suspension Japanese artillery regiments were equipped with 75mm field guns, 105mm field howitzers and 150mm heavy howitzers. Mountain guns were also used because of their ability to be broken down and carried by pack animals. 37mm anti-tank guns were found to be useless against allied medium tanks and due to this AP ammunition was developed for all gun types Japanese Militaria for sale at International Military Antiques including pieces from WWII and earlier such as Vintage WW2 Japanese Military Helmets, WW2 Katana, Prayer Flags and much more

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M6 Heavy Tank Heavy tank (1942-45) U.S.A. - about 45 built The first US WW2 heavy tank Little known, the M6 was the first modern US heavy tank. The only other heavy tank built in series was the Liberty or Mark VII, a joint US-British design, produced in 1918, of the WWI-era lozenge type Light Machine Guns . They generally weighed 22- 30lb . Rate of Fire 250- 600 rpm and were air - cooled , they were either belt fed or magazine . Germany produced the Maschinengewehr 08/15 , this was a stripped down version of the 1908 - 08 heavy machine gun with a pistol butt and bipod The German heavy tank of choice during World War II, the Tiger was a formidable adversary, bringing massive armour and firepower to the theatre of war.. Along with the Panzer, the Tiger is one of the most iconic German tanks of the Second World War. A monster conglomeration of metal and man, built to puncture holes in allied forces from the snowy plains of Russia, through the rolling. Unique German Ww2 Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent

Vickers Machine Gun; BREN; STEN; Military S&W and Webly Pistol Parts; Lewis Machinegun .303; P14, No.3, & P17 Rifle ; British Mortar and Cannon Parts and Accessories; Boys Anti-Tank Rifle RB Mk1; Signal Pistols; German WW2 Firearm Parts and Accessories . K98 Parts; MG34 Parts; MG42 Parts; MG34/42 Belts, Boxes, & Drums; German WW2 Flare Guns. The USAAC/USAAF seems to have preferred heavy machine guns by choice rather than lack of suitable autocannons, and US ground vehicles went straight from .50 cal M2 HMG to 37mm high velocity guns. No other country had larger than 20mm autocannons as vehicle armaments, either, unless self-propelled AA guns are counted Photo about Ww2 german army field equipment with helmet and a machine gun. Image of vintage, uniform, 1939 - 14311645 Photo about WWI german machine gun MG 08 with amunition belt. Image of maximgun, heavy, chain - 13575524 This is an modification of the Panzer Tiger 1 and Panzer VI Tanks used by Germany during WW2. This tank is the desert tan varient. This cutie has a powerful primary cannon and a semi decent secondary machine gun. This is NOT an offical A.T.D.F Lore Tank, s..

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