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Recently came across this theory which suggests that those with Rh negative blood group might be the descendants of ancient alien astronauts. But before that one more fact. Around 85% of humans are Rh positive, which means they have Rh D antigen in their blood, only around 15% are Rh negative which means they do not have Rh D antigen in their blood Whether the Rh negative blood type is of alien origin or a rare genetic mutation, weighs equal.It can be concluded only after science gives us, even more, facts to remove the veil out of its very origin The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a Mutation of Unknown Origin, which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc. Strange Facts Concerning Rh-Negatives * Rh-negative women and men display Reptilian Traits However, if you have RH negative blood, it could potentially mean that you could be a person with an alien DNA blood type. As to why that is, studies have concluded that RH negative blood types do.

Most humans have RH positive blood, meaning they carry a gene originating from the rhesus monkey.. Humans are believed to have evolved from a similar ancestor. But 10-15% of people do not carry this gene, which means there is a small amount of people on the planet who are RH negative.Such people lack not only that rhesus monkey gene but the proteins that come with it as well Im also RH negative. We aren't aliens, angels, magical Scandinavians (i have no Scandinavian DNA. I have Native American, British, French and German) or any other mythical fantasy of grandeur. We are regular humans. The special traits we have are shared by people without the blood type, with completely polar opposite ancestry. Get help, all. Ramblesode: Alien Blood (aka RH Negative)<br>Have you heard of it? Do you have RH Negative Blood? It really is a strange topic. To think that among all the different blood types there are 4; A-, B-, AB-, and O- that is so different, the consequences are deadly! If you have this type of blood and try to have a child with someone who has Positive blood, your blood could look at your fetus as. Although your blood type doesn't drive your personality, people with certain blood types do tend to have certain personality traits that are not found in others. There are four blood types and a protein, called the Rh factor, which provide these influences. If you do not have this protein, then you have Rh negative blood. More people are Rh positive than Rh negative, so it is considered an. Rh negative people are often said to be feel like an alien at times. told people I feel someone looking at me. they shocked. I thought everyone did this. Eye doctor said I can spot in 6 different places with my eyes. good for dancers, sports, martial arts even

People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Aliens

  1. In this video I will discuss what I've learned about being Rh negative, it's alien origin as well as some benefits and helpful advice if you are finding that..
  2. There are some who believe that people with Rh-negative blood may have evolved from an extraterrestrial species in this clip from Season 11's episode, The P..
  3. So, being that I myself, is someone who has RH negative blood, whenever I see something posted about how people with this blood type are alien, from another planet or are part of a special blood type I have been intrigued to learn more
  4. One of these theories affirms that people with RH negative are of alien origin. What this means is that around 15% of the population may have come from a different planet. It is safe to say that people with this type of blood are quite unique, and present some features and characteristics that nobody else posses
  5. But it appears to allegedly be some type of a NANO-TECH Virus that affects those with RH NEGATIVE BLOOD and is said to be ALIEN in origin or MILITARY TECH virus/disease of some kind THEY'VE introduced many years ago into the human population possibly VIA CHEM TRAILS or that CHEMTRAILS are somehow also an ACTIVATOR of it. and seeing how there's more and more chemtrails these days, this.

Rh Negative Blood: An Alien Origin or a Rare Mutation

  1. RH NEGATIVE: THE UNTRACEABLE BLOOD. In the continued search for the origin of mankind and our first ancestors, incomplete data leave gaps in the path tracing our genetic lineage back through history. According to the evolutionists, our ancestry can be traced back through mutations in our DNA caused by our environmental surroundings and adaptation to changes for survival - a gradual.
  2. Rh negative does not indicate the presence of anything special or alien, it is the absence of Rh D antigen which is pretty common in humans otherwise. Rh D is just another normal antigen and there are lot many antigens similar to Rh D. Rh negative is NOT the only antigen which can cause problems to the baby
  3. Most people who have the Rh blood type are Rh-positive. There are also instances, however, where people are Rh-Negative. Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh-Positive
  4. Rh factors or 'Rhesus factor' was first discovered in the blood of Rhesus monkey. According to Sepehr, if mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible, but it is not. Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood, yet ALL royal families have Rh-negative blood
  5. Here are a few theories about alien life, so you can also see things from different perspectives. Maybe you have an opinion about which theory is most logical. 1. Everybody is waiting. Could it be the reason why we haven't encountered alien lifeforms is that they are waiting for us to contact them first

Does Rh Negative Blood Type Equal Alien Heritage? - In5D

Back in August 2015, I wrote a book titled Bloodline of the Gods.It was a controversial look at the subjects of (a) people who are Rh negative and (b) claims that the Rh negative angle has a connection to the issues of aliens and a strange bloodline (hence the title) Why are Rh-negative blood types more likely to be victims of 'alien abductions'? The government, as it turns out, has an insatiable appetite for remote viewers, telepathics, clairvoyants, clairaudients, psychics, and other highly gifted folks whose extra-sensory perception (ESP) is working at a very high level

If you are an RH negative blood type, you could very well be descended from royalty. Not royalty in the sense of those who inhabit famous abodes like Buckingham Palace although the royal family is RH negative. No, were actually referring to royalty from above. In other words, the RH negative blood type may well be descended from the gods of our. The Rh blood group system is a human blood group system.It contains proteins on the surface of red blood cells. It is the second most important blood group system, after the ABO blood group system.The Rh blood group system consists of 49 defined blood group antigens, among which the five antigens D, C, c, E, and e are the most important. . There is no d ant

If You Have This Blood Type, You Might Have Alien DNA

An interesting new theory suggests if you have an RH negative blood type, you may have a kind of alien DNA. Studies show that Rh negative blood types do not carry the gene originating from the rhesus monkey, the supposed animal humans evolved from This is the same allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive child. Alien descendents on Earth carry THIS blood type, according to shock claim (Image: GETTY The RH Negative Verdict? Well, there is no verdict. We may never know the truth about the rhesus negative blood type. With apparently dwindling numbers, they could disappear from our bloodline over time. One interesting aspect concerning RH negatives is they could be more prone to have alien contact experiencers Download Citation | On Apr 21, 2018, V.R. Zad published Rh-Negative blood: Is It an Alien Blood Group? | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGat This Crazy Theory Suggests That People With RH Negative Blood Are Aliens! Onedio > Listicle-Added on 20 July 2016, 04:51, Updated on 13 September 2016, 22:5

A recently proposed theory is saying that people with RH negative blood(the Rhesus factor) type possess somewhat of an alien DNA. Studies surrounding this matter have found that RH negative blood types do not have the key evolutionary gene from rhesus monkeys that most other humans do This video explores the connection between alien abductions and the RH negative blood type Supporters are people\aliens who want to show love for only a few Pennies a day. And they'll receive special access to blogs and theories not discussed publically. Lovers are people\aliens that really want to help our website become the Very best Rh negative website everr! Lovers will receive. A MUST READ If You Have Rh-Negative Blood (RH-) and maybe have an alien gene instead. RH- people are characterized by higher IQs, sensitive vision, lower body temperatures, sensitivity to heat and sunlight, psychic power, ability to stop watches and electrical appliances and having extra vertebrae

People who lack the RH factor are true 'blue bloods' indeed. They are reported to have increased spiritual awareness and psychic abilities and are truth seekers who feel they don't belong.Individuals who fall into this category may also deal with sleep paralysis, night terrors, exhibit ESP and may claim to have alien encounters Comedienne Kathy Buckley, pictured here with another rh negative, has mentioned numerous times that she is rh negative. Ted Bundy If they are, they are Theodore Robert Bundy is our latest addition. His blood type was O negative. He was able to read and manipulate his victims and most of them didn't see through him People with RH negative blood type no traces, absolutly no genetic trace of any kind to the Rhesus Monkey. RH negative blood has been correctly associated with Royal blood (all Royals) as wel as lChrist, Adam and Eve and many of the most prominant people amd leaders of this world including all the Pharoahs of Egypt, including Cleopatra While RH negatives are a small minority in the white and other races, and practically non-existent in orientals, the current Basques still are over 33 % RH negative. Another salient genetic feature is the the shape and sutures (bone joints) of cranial bones of Basques[The Reptilian skull ridge] About 30% have Rh negative blood and about 60% carry one RH negative gene. The average among most people is only 15%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percentage of Rh negatives in their population, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative

RH negative women who become pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, as their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Thus, they are given a special sterilization solution. A lot of this seems to point to the fact that aliens and ETs have influenced this blood type Starr notes that people who report having been abducted by aliens are especially likely to have Rh-negative blood. So, not only did the aliens send us here, there are signs that they want us back. Lolli gives you free Bitcoin or cashback when you shop at over 1,000 top stores, like Udemy 13.5%, Groupon 12.5%, Gillette 18%, Macy's 4.5%, Ivacy VPN 36%, AirVape 13.5% and McAfee 31.5% CLICK HERE. The Rh factor is another well known blood group, referring to the positive or negative in blood types, such as A-positive or B-negative. (The Rh refers to Rhesus macaques, which were. A Woman With Rh-Negative Can't Have An Rh-Positive Baby - Without Medical Assistance. Interestingly, if a woman who is Rh-negative is pregnant with a baby who is Rh-positive, her body may recognize this child as a foreign being and develop antibodies to attack it because Rh-positive and negative blood do not mix. Luckily with the assistance.

People With RH Negative Blood Have THIS In Common! - David

The search for extraterrestrial life has allowed us to see the furthest reaches of our universe. The very nature to discover intelligent life forms shows that we as a species crave connectio If the RH-negative factor is a 'normal' presentation of blood, then why is there a problem when a mother of the RH-negative blood group gives birth to an RH-positive blood group baby. This Hemolytic disease, actually an allergic reaction, can cause death when the two different blood groups are mingled during pregnancy The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh-negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The origin of the Basques is unknown. Their language is unlike any other European language We have different traits because of small differences in our DNA. And when we look at Rh negative and Rh positive people, we see the usual kind of difference. There is no need to invoke aliens, gods or reptiles. It is just simple biology. So being Rh negative isn't any stranger than having blue eyes or red hair The Alien Theory. There is definitely mystery about the Rh-factor in people, mostly because of how rare these blood types are. Only about 15% of the United States population have Rh-negative blood [2]. Now, what makes this such a mystery is how these people came about being RH- negative

The Mystery of Rh Negative (by Anonymous) - Forbidden

About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative Many links concerning Rh-negative blood look kosher enough in your search results but when clicked release a flood of wide-eyed theories about ethnic migration, blood-type-based dating tips, and. Roughly 15% of the population are RH negative in blood type. Some people believe there is a connection between psychic ability, sleep paralysis alien abduction, and those who are RH negative. I look into the claims, where RH negative blood is rumoured to have come from and look at the data to see if there is a connection Let me start off by saying yes I do believe in reincarnation. Although I do not understand all the principles behind it, it leaves some questions when trying to interlock the theories of reincarnation with other subjects such as blood types. upon researching, you will find many sources that claim the Rh Negative blood type..

Basque people, aliens and the Negative RH factor. Mabel Royce, renowned writer on this subject, refers to the special anomaly in the Basque town where 40% of them have a negative RH factor. Furthermore, they have a unique language on the planet, which hints that they may be descendants of ancient astronauts Among the NAE [non abductee-experiencer] Group, 83% had a positive Rh factor and 17% were negative indicating that both groups had elevated Rh negative blood types. It is interesting that a significantly higher percentage (18%) of the AE Group reported a negative RH factor than in the NAE Group I find it most interesting that the blood type et picks up the most is O Neg.and its a new mutation of the blood types. Rh neg only showed up between 25 and 40 000 years ago and O Neg is the universal donor type very strange that it just appeared out of no where and it saves 1000s of live every year. and yet the only Blood that a O neg person can take is O neg .and half of all contactees have. Almost everyone believes aliens have really visited our planet, including former defense ministers and Apollo astronauts. If the Rh-negative theory is true, then the aliens who mated with ancient people must have had a more or less similar structure of the body to ours, and composition with subtle differences like eye and hair color, and blood.

Rh negative blood is caused by a mutation on the short arm of chromosome 1 (1 p 36.2- p 34). I believe that Rh negative blood originated in the the European race. Particularly the Europeans who carry the mutation on their M1CR gene which causes red hair like the red hair mummies of China B Rh negative - Mixed, God and human type 2. Very rare. B Rh positive - Human type 2. Very common. AB Rh negative - Mixed, God, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare. AB Rh positive - Mixed, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare. All Europeans have some of the blood of the Gods, but the traits show up most in those with Rh negative blood

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Ramblesode Alien Blood (aka RH Negative) Giving Up The

Nov 7, 2018 - Explore SOPHIE iM'CLEVER's board RH negative on Pinterest. See more ideas about o blood type, blood groups, this or that questions If your blood type is RH negative does that mean you might have alien relatives? Most people are familiar with blood types and with the RH factor or Rhesus Factor, but it might be possible that something very interesting and intriguing could be hidden in your blood, especially if your blood type is RH The information revealed in The Pineal Gland plus RH Negative Human Hybrid Blood Types Dvd is VERY interesting, and in particular the material on how about 15% of the human population has RH negative blood that has NOT followed the normal natural evolutionary path. Just who are these people, and what abilities do they possess

11 Rh Negative Blood Type Personality Traits

To the Ancient Alien/Sumerian/Anunnaki enlightened, they will find this book very interesting. To those with firm beliefs in the major religious teachings, not so much. And to the RH negatives of the world, they will tell everyone- we're human, we have enough problems, so just leave us alone! And, they're right Rh negative alien origin We use cookies to improve your website experience. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use the website, you consent to our use of cookies. Close. Rh negative. Have you ever felt that you never really belonged in this world? Do you have a fascination with space and the universe? Do you feel that you have some sort of mission in life to seek the truth and help mankind? Do you also have Rh-negative blood? Before we go any further, it is important to know what we mean when we talk about the Rh-negative blood type These alien's interbred with humans or engineered us in some way. Others have speculated further, producing a hybrid bloodline and that bloodline is the Royalty, Presidents and The Rich Elite Rh- Negatives, that run and control the our world. Most Humans, about 85%, have RH- Positive blood. 15 % of humans have RH- Negative blood. (I have O- blood)

Can rh negative people recognize each other? - Rh Negative

The Rh blood groups have 49 antigens, but only D, C, E, c, and e are the most significant. The terms Rh positive and rhesus negative blood (Rh negative) refer only to the D antigen. A negative expression of the D antigen is caused by a deletion of the RHD gene I am 35 and am O negative Rh negative, we are not evil, or alien, hybrids, etc, these dumb people say this crap because they don't know where it came from, so they put these stupid labels on us, just know the God, Our Father who art In Heaven, said there would be a remnant of his people left, that means a small group of people, so you could say we are the remnant of GOD, and they. I almost died at 20 years old giving birth to an rh positive baby girl when I was rh negative I was not raised with my mother or father to know anything about m blood type I found out with a placental abruption which terrified me from having another child my two girls are eight years apart before I believed my blood type to be a curse that wouldn't allow me to have more than one baby if I was. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene. But Aliens really? According to investigators, this would explain why Rh negative mothers do not tolerate fetuses with RH Positive blood; thus, this radical, hard-to-explain, by most natural laws intolerance could derive from an ancient genetic modification why Rh. Asians: 2% Rh-negative RH Negative Factor by Hiberia Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood. Their red blood cells contain a substance called the RHesus blood factor. This means the positive blood contains a protein that can be traced to the Rhesus monkey. It is acknowledged that blood factors are transmitted with more exactitude.

Show Notes, Nick Redfern - Podcast UFORhesus protein in blood means 15% of people are aliens

RH Negative Alien Origin Part 3 Mind Blowing - YouTub

I read where Internet sites were claiming that the head director of MUFON was fired for putting the statement out that the Rh negative blood type was from alien sources. One site on-line claims that the Rh negative blood factor is the Blood of the Gods. This site was dated from the 1970's Only people with at least one Rh-negative factors will have a negative blood type, which is why the occurrence of Rh-negative blood is less common than Rh-positive blood. When Landsteiner and Weiner discovered the Rh protein, they were researching solutions for the cause of a medical mystery that killed dozens of babies each day

Ancient Aliens: Rh-Negative (Season 11) History - YouTub

Oddly enough, RH negative blood can be utilized by any human being in need of a transfusion, but people with RH negative naturally coursing through their veins cannot make use of any other type of blood at all. Furthermore, the vast majority of these latter individuals happen to reside in northern Europe B Rh negative - Mixed, God and human type 2. Very rare. B Rh positive - Human type 2. Very common. AB Rh negative - Mixed, God, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare. AB Rh positive - Mixed, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare. All Europeans and most people in the world have some of the blood of the Gods, but the traits show up most in those with Rh. A Negative Blood Type and Donation. You usually inherit blood type from your parents, especially when you have an Rh-negative type. It is worth mentioning that A-negative blood type is quite rare and is only 6% of the population has it. It is quite powerful though. Here are a few important things about A-negative blood type donation

Alien Armageddon movie: RH negative blood type scene - YouTubeRH NEGATIVE BLOOD / O BLOOD / ALIEN BLOOD / BLUE BLOOD 05The News UNIT: Do you have RH NEGATIVE BLOOD?

Which is another explanation for alien abduction -- the aliens are actually taking your astral/energy body not your physical body. Look into the Lucidology or saltcube lucid dream info. Not trying to discount your experience -- in fact I believe there is something to UFOs, not sure they're from another planet though Five Traits That Could Get You Abducted by Aliens Certain traits may lead people to believe in alien abduction experiences. Posted Jul 23, 201 Everything You Know about Being Rh-Negative Is Wrong There are numerous claims regarding the Rh-negative blood type's origin, association with physical and personality traits, and potential disease resistance. Science does not support these claims negative blood. About 30% have Rh negative blood and about 60% carry one RH negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative

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